Nebraska Lifestyles was established in 1992 when property manager Jeb Bock merged a company he started with Nebraska Lifestyles. Over the years, Jeb has grown the company from 35 managed properties to more than 150 properties today.

Jeb’s family has been in the property management and investment real estate business since the late 1800’s. And because of the team’s personal attention to details in serving property owners, real estate agents and tenants, Nebraska Lifestyles continues to be one of the most successful and well respected property management companies in the area.

Free yourself from the hassles of property management. Call the experienced professionals at Nebraska Lifestyles today.

We work with a large network of real estate and relocation agents and can help them help investors find the local investment opportunities that make the most sense.

The Nebraska Lifestyles team is focused not only on finding the right tenants for your investment; they are committed to providing quality maintenance to preserve the value of your investment. No need to worry.  We treat your property as if it were our own and it shows in the way your property performs.

Experience is important when it comes to your investment. Make the right choice.

Questions to Ask a Prospective Property Management Company

You’ve already decided you have better things to do than vet an endless stream of applicants, answer late night calls and navigate complaints—all of the challenging tasks landlords must undertake. You’re ready to let a professional property manager care for your rental and manage any hassles. But how to choose the right manager? Ask these important questions to ensure you hire the best property manager to meet your specific needs. These questions will help you separate the best from the rest.

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